night into early morn’

duck in the pond behind the flat
pontificating to whatever audience he thinks he has
proclaiming his territory
or maybe he’s just saying hey

hey! hey! hey!

the acoustics are just right
so that sometimes i believe among the cattails
roams a talkative, minature moose

at first he was a leaky tap
the squeak of a ceiling fan
but now he is the consistency of being

resistance against the dark undertown
refusing to be stifled or quelled

night into early morn’

the eccentric

the prudent thing to do he was told
was to clear the head

hedgerows of words and sentences
to be trimmed and snipped
cleared out

don’t worry he was told
your neighbors will be pleased

he was told form follows function
those entangled peculiar paragraphs
pruned into pleasant straight lines

shear ’em
til the ground is littered
with those wildly uncontrolled

raken ’em up
bag ’em up
toss ’em away

til that dustbin is overflowing
with an entire history

the eccentric


i didn’t know the word at the time
but it would have been fitting


a dispute over the meaning of words
or in this case one specific word:


and it can also mean, just as apt: a conflict
waged only through a battle of words

there could be a debate
as to who won the battle
but if it was determined i did in fact win
i’m sure it would be just as obvious
i lost the war


a break in the routine

the view from the hotel window is as impressive as advertised
we have had a fine time tromping down new (to us) streets
with their inviting shops and beckoning cafes
a pleasant boardwalk along the water


it is Saturday and this is the day
we would take the breakfast jaunt to the diner
about a half a mile away as the crow flies

the first 500 yards consists of trail we have cut throught the pines
that drops down onto the old highway
which has been replaced for most folks by the freeway

we past where the troopers hang at their speed-trap
waiting for those who unlike the locals haven’t a clue
so that occasionally there is a pull-over
its occupants staring straight ahead
as to avoid eye contact with the two passing pedestrians

the diner has had a few remodelings but is basically the same
as when it opened when people liked Ike
and where each of us order in our own particular manner
she switching between her three favorites
i sticking to the same order except for the sporadic special of the day

returning no longer famished and maybe too jazzed on coffee
we comment on how no season unfolds itself the same way
how some surrender too easily to the next
while others make a surprise visit
altering the underbrush and berry bushes encroaching the path
how a winter blast stripped off the weak branches
or pointing out a deer now and then who attempts a road crossing
and those black birds who never perch in the same pattern


in a gallery today
tucked away in what could be best called an alley
a work perfect for that space above the desk in the study

a break in the routine


maybe i should have reacted differently
but i felt like a thief
caught in the flood lights
suddenly exposed
the rush from thoughts of easy money
in a huge click
to fear
that buzz of wattage overhead
illuminating what been
the smooth darkness

The Secret Keeper’s Weekly Writing Challenge #99
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