i didn’t know the word at the time
but it would have been fitting


a dispute over the meaning of words
or in this case one specific word:


and it can also mean, just as apt: a conflict
waged only through a battle of words

there could be a debate
as to who won the battle
but if it was determined i did in fact win
i’m sure it would be just as obvious
i lost the war


15 thoughts on “logomachy

    1. my personal opinion is that Buddha basically hit the nail on the head.
      But, in the context of this poem, your comment jogging my memory, Milan Kundera in the Unbearable Lightness of Being put it aptly in one chapter in that we all have our personal dictionaries. For instance, for one person, parade conjures up positive emotions, whereas for another, the word conjures up the Communist parades in Prague, attendance and participation mandatory, all individuality wiped clean. Which come to think of it, is kind of what i was trying to say in the poem “The Eccentric”.

      Of course we could go the route of Freud, each ego fueled by the id (and super-ego) asserting its rights, its cravings and desires, self-absorbed.

      Could i name drop any more. 🙂

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