the eccentric

the prudent thing to do he was told
was to clear the head

hedgerows of words and sentences
to be trimmed and snipped
cleared out

don’t worry he was told
your neighbors will be pleased

he was told form follows function
those entangled peculiar paragraphs
pruned into pleasant straight lines

shear ’em
til the ground is littered
with those wildly uncontrolled

raken ’em up
bag ’em up
toss ’em away

til that dustbin is overflowing
with an entire history

the eccentric

18 thoughts on “the eccentric

    1. Thanks. And thanks. 🙂 I haven’t done much landscaping I did get a chance to trim this really high hedge / small trees, that had gone all wild. I spent a couple of days, snipping here and there, step back and look, snip, step back, trying to get a clean look, but so that it still appeared to have grown that way naturally. If someone would pay me just to do that….


    1. to be honest, i was attempting to speak against the pressure of conformism, that people prefer (for lack of a better metaphor) the “hollywood cookie cutter products”, that the writer (or artist or person) become less of a writer when the idiosycratic elements are sheared off in the interest of “pleasing the neighbors”, that through all the cutting we can lose all our history, lose what makes us, us.

      I try to not to be very blunt in some of my writings, so it’s not surprising the nuance(s) of the theme get lost in the mix.

      I do like it when someone interprets my writing, gives me a new angle to go back over what i wrote and see it a new way.

      Language is a slippery thing. A poem does not “mean” anything, it only exists in all the various perceptions of it, each one of those throwing out its own “meaning.” And they’re all correct.

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      1. Yes, it is interesting to see how people interpret things. And I did get some of the pressure of conformism, which is why I said you have to trust your own vision. I guess I thought it was more someone feeling the pressure and trying to conform. But still–a clever metaphor. 😉

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        1. Indeed, even though it is a “photo” capturing what is there, we see what we want to see, and see what is not there, all the while what is just outside of the frame, behind the objects present even while unseen.


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