6 thoughts on “fire alarm

  1. Laura Bloomsbury says:

    Love this image and your blog. Not sure I know your work even though I too do the mundane thing on Mondays quite often – am now following which is not the same as stalking! Sorry to hear you have had troubles.

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    1. thanks. i was that trope that was elusive. 🙂 the ordeal was that bad (i didn’t fear for my physical safety), it was just more a pain, as i first move to another site (specks and fragments), thinking the person wouldn’t go through the trouble to track it down, so now i have had to abandon that site for this.

      After getting emails, using what i wrote or the photographs i posted to rip into me and express their grievance, i felt the presence of that person overlooking me as i wrote, as i took a photograph. So for the time being i am free. 🙂

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