16 thoughts on “fountain

  1. I was thinking there is something sad in the picture. Then I found a similar comment. I think its the caption and the picture, when you read it together, it gives such a feeling. Nice colours though.

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    1. a small kiddo in the late sixities, this kind of tile was everywhere (in San Diego).and seemed to have been there for a little while. that color blue tile always kicks in memories of those days.

      it is surprising to see a fountain without water in August. I’ll have to inquire next time I go to the library. Maybe start a gofundme account. 🙂

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      1. I remember a few years back during a drought they turned all the fountains off. As Claudia said, it makes for sadness. No droughts here this year! August is very green, still.


      1. It reminds me of a fountain in a small park that I sometimes run in. It was abandoned and dry for a couple of summers and last summer, they demolished it and now – there is just a flat concrete circle where it was. I pretend I am running through the fountain when I go there and run over the spot. Kind of crazy but I felt bad about the loss of the fountain, I liked to see the water as I went by.


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