exercise in futility

at the end of the day
i have tried that ritual of writing down
one sentence to sum up
the day

one sentence from the day
for the whole day

such as

a woman walked into the cafe and says it’s cold out there to no one in particular


a man ran for the bus cursing to himself


i found one shoe in the bathroom and one shoe in the kitchen


one sentence will lead to another
with all the spaces in-between

the spinoff of the day

exercise in futility

9 thoughts on “exercise in futility

    1. I first read about the journal exercise from a biography on the performance artist Laurie Anderson. But I’ve seen since then offered as one way to keep a journal, with the intent to keep one from getting caught in the undertow of excessive self-reflection. I’m like you. It’s dang near impossible for me.


    1. nice way to think of those free-floating dots of memory…

      i read in a book regarding Zen teacher Dogen, how there were Buddhist monks in China who were busily debating amongst themselves just how long a “moment” was. Just found that image interesting.


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