That my plan to watch the solar eclipse at Madras had hit a snag was obvious as soon as I heard the metallic clank and the car began its slow lurching to the side of Highway 97 about ten miles from the Columbia River Gorge.

Waiting for the tow truck to rescue me from the desert plateau, I leaned against the fender and debated whether this trip was the best way to blot out the emotional turmoil of the past week.

Coming to no conclusion on the matter, I killed the time by watching gusts whip the dust into a haze that blurred the distant wind turbines, the white blades spinning in their incessant loop.



13 thoughts on “blindsided

    1. actually the genesis of the story was my sleep has become really fragmented lately because of my meds, so i ended up taking a nap when it occurred.

      If I was to drive to Madras, Oregon (of the best places to view it) from where I am at in Washington, I would have been driving down this highway. My grandparents were in Richland which is nearby this spot, so I know it well (although the wind turbines came from looking at Google maps images of the area).


    1. thanks…that you found it “meditative” is quite the compliment…i was thinking of that word as i wrote it, but it is what i was trying to achieve…standing on the side of the road with nothing to do but meditate on the somewhat barren landscape, trying to ‘let go” of those pesky emotions. πŸ™‚


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