whimsical giants


we stood under the morning moon and you spoke of the last
ice age, thirteen thousands years ago, ice a mile thick
and how an ice dam
broke loose, the sea flooding in
along twenty three hundred miles of shoreline

i tell you i believe
giants carved out the sound on a whim
to the chagrin of the trolls and delight of the fairies

how the giants let ย the sea rush in
turning the hilltops into islands

how we gave the islands names like
Orcas Samish Lopez Shaw Lummi Sucia Guemes Canoe

but back then they had no names
the giants just liked the look of islands
and would gaze at them
when the morning moon shone on their shorelines


Pic and a Word Challenge

whimsical giants

14 thoughts on “whimsical giants

    1. It used to drive me crazy when an artist would not title a piece, whether a painting or written work etc., I felt cheated somehow. Now, of course, I’ve gone to the other side. It brings its own challenges that could be resolved with the right title.

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