10 thoughts on “Retrospective #1

    1. No. I gave painting a shot but never finished a single one. had about five canvass with some acrylic messes on them. So this is pretending that i am some kind of famous painter who is now having a retrospective of my works over my career. The basic conceit here is that you will have some kind of image of what the painting looks like even though no such painting exists.

      The intent is to over time post similar art work labels that show through the title of the work and the mediums used to create the works a changing “mind”, a life lived. If the view follows along there will be this whole string of works that do exist, but only in their mind, which would completely different than the ones others had imagined.

      And the final twist is that those images imagined over time will tell you something about yourself the way a series of dreams will.

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    2. i would add my assumption would be that he full extent of what i intend would not be clear at all. but i figured someone would ask and i could give an explanation. I didn’t want to throw some explaining words onto the post for aesthetic reasons.

      i obviously have to much time on my hands. 😉

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