Zen Garden / Shadorma November (ShaNov) Begins

found in the raking
of white sands
possessing flow all its own
authentic movement


The first day of Shadorma November is here. Below are the people who have accepted to invitation to participate in this Shadorma event:

Ben Naga

Jane Dougherty

Merril Smith

Ken G.

Kerfe and Nina

corvus brachyrhnchos


Linda Lee Lyberg


On each of the Sundays of this month, as well as Thursday 30th, I will be providing this information in a post. You can join in at any time and get a link to your blog on the next round-up post.

Some of the participants will be joining me in posting a Shadorma a day, while others will be posting at least one per week. For next Sunday the 5th, you can link back your Shadorma offering(s) to this post. Then going forward, to ping back to most recent Sunday post.


Zen Garden / Shadorma November (ShaNov) Begins

27 thoughts on “Zen Garden / Shadorma November (ShaNov) Begins

  1. Checking in even though Nina and I are on blog break. I will actually be posting a collaborative project I’ve been doing with Claudia McGill sometime next week that contains shadorma. Nina and I hope to be back “officially” by the middle of the month. (K)

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