Love As Vast

love as vast
as the flood waters
that surround
the stranded
who signal with waving arms
to those far away

November Shadorma: 30 of 30

Well here we are at the end of ShaNov. For me it’s been an intriguing challenge (I don’t know what it means that my mind keeps sliding to flood waters as if appearing again and again in a dream). I hope the other awesome fellows who participated have enjoyed their time and effort. I put out there that I will be taking a Shadorma break in December, but that starting in January I might begin Shadorma Sunday. Now I give you the awesome fellows who participated:

A Prayer Like Gravity

Gramma Krackers

Lauren Scott

Kat Mortensen


Ben Naga

Jane Dougherty

Merril Smith

Ken G.

Kerfe and Nina

corvus brachyrhnchos


Linda Lee Lyberg


Kelly Lewis

Love As Vast

35 thoughts on “Love As Vast

  1. Wonderful ending to the month, Eliot, and thank you for hosting. Ben nudged me to join in, and although it was a challenge at times, I’m glad I did. It’s good to learn new things, so thanks again.

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    1. thank you and it was my pleasure. i found a challenge at times as well; there is a difference between posting every day and needing to post everyday, confronting the form when the energy just isn’t there. Thanks again for your participation.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I think you nailed it…wanting to post everyday and needing to post are completely different. I can’t always write on command; inspiration is necessary, so there were days that I really had to dig. I may try it again in January though because I do like the form. Have a good weekend!

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  2. Thank you for hosting this event…it nudged me to start exploring a beautiful form…your shadorma today is compelling…both content and its shape…it seems plucked from a thought stream or dream

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