Thursday Door Challenge


44 thoughts on “booth

  1. Some corporations are making little phone booth rooms so their employees who work in big open spaces with hundreds of others can have a little privacy to make a call (or whatever…those open plan offices are awful).
    All the phone booths in NYC are being replace with internet hubs…off with their heads, I say! (K)

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      1. I actually worked in an open office 40 years ago…we hated it, and used to go into unused conference rooms to work when we could get away with it. The bosses had outer rooms with windows, and we underlings were stuck together in the center with no air and no light…

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  2. There’s a lot of history behind that door…

    I’m all in for bringing back the phone booth even if it is just a place to use your cell phone but a public phone makes a statement about the importance of communication, about its necessity.

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